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        The Kings of the Seven Bells

There was a time when the Carbollo and the Mobbox children played together in the grasslands, tossing stones, foot racing, and solving riddles – all designed to prepare them for the days of the seven bells. Yet, when the Carbollo grew suspicious of the Mobbox, the adults no longer allowed the comradery.  Had it not been so, Raxton Carbollo and Nerratel Mobbox might have become fast friends. Instead, they were destined to become bitter enemies.  

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              Seattle Quake 9.2 - a terrifying story of survival.
              Missing Heiress - is she the maid, the office worker or the one killed in a car wreck?
              Greed and a Mistress - which of the victim's four children hired a hit-man?
              Punitive Damages - Will Jackie finally find out what happened to her missing son?
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   Pay to the Order of

Three checks for a million dollars each, with instructions to give them away? What's the catch?

Brooke Allwood had a problem. She was owner and CEO of a company she didn’t want to run, at odds with family members, and amassing more money than she could ever spend. She generously gave to dozens of charities, but wasn’t there a way to anonymously give millions of dollars to ordinary, hardworking people who would put it to good use?

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(The Viking Series)

It was forbidden, but Bradana MacGreagor could not seem to help herself. The man of her dreams was a Lennox, and Laird Lennox forbid all unions between the two clans, fervently believing that the MacGreagors were cursed. Rubbish, said the MacGreagors, but that did nothing to persuade the Lennox. Too soon, her destiny was taken completely out of her hands when word came that the king had called all able-bodied men to fight for Scotland.


                                               History of the MacGreagor Family Saga.              

Author's note:
 I am the granddaughter of a Scot and I owe my inspiration for these stories  to Lloyd McClurg.

After I retired in 2008 I wrote a little short story called Anna  (Read Anna free on this site here.) and put it on my website for people to read free. It was a hit, so I wrote Rachel, then Charlet. It was so much fun, I eventually wrote 20 short stories and was amazed that I was getting over 10,000 hits a month on this website. I miss that little hit counter. Anyway, in 2010 when I learned about Amazon's offer to let authors upload and sell their work, I split the 20 stories into five volumes and named them Marti Talbott's Highlander Series. I confess they weren't in the best shape and got some bad reviews, but they have all been edited repeatedly since then. Inspired by the way the volumes were selling, I wrote another book, and then another ,and another until the Highland Series became 14 books.

Although the 8 book Viking Series was written after the Highlanders, it is the beginning of Clan MacGreagor story. This saga follows the clan through several generations. In the early 1900s the first MacGreagor sailed to America, made his fortune and built Marblestone Mansion in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This series has 10 books. I loved writing about the scandalous duchess while still keeping it clean. I hope you'll love reading about her too. The Lost MacGreagor Books come last with two stories in each, one about the family in the 1900s and one an ancient writing found under their castle in Scotland.

Enjoy, and please feel free to contact with questions or comments. I love hearing from readers.     Contact Marti

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