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The following is a list of 15 Marti Talbott books that are 

now available in Kindle Unlimited: 

(All of the MacGreagor books are still available

 at Apple, Amazon, Kobo, Nook, and Google Play)



    (The Triplet Trilogy)                

 The Fox,       The Lion,   &     The Bear  

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                 (The Jackie Harlan Mysteries) 

Seattle Quake 9.2,   Missing Heiress,   Greed and a Mistress

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                                      (A Love Story) 

The Dead Letters,       The Locked Room   &   Love and Suspicion

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  (The Carson Series)  

  The Promise    &    Broken Pledge

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Marti Talbott Highlander Series Omnibus, books 1-3 Click here

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Marblestone Mansion (Scandalous Duchess Series) Books 1-3  Click here

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Marti Talbott's Collection, 1st book in each MacGreagor series. Click here



SUSPECTS, a true crime story, not for ages under 18  Click here

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Kindle Unlimited is a subscriptions service available to Amazon customers.

Read thousands of free books for a once-a-month fee.

Get your 30 day free trial HERE. 

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