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                          THE DEAD LETTERS        


In the Atlanta dead-letter office, a series of odd letters began to arrive from Seattle. The envelopes were addressed simply to "sister" with no address or return address, and inside the letters were signed by someone who called herself, "princess." Yet, the contents of the letters seemed to be a cry for help and soon it became Natalie's obsession to find her.  For that she needed the help of a detective – a very handsome detective named Daniel. 

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                   THE LOCKED ROOM      

The last thing Colette Bouchard wanted was to go back to the small town that hated her almost as much as she hated it. Yet when her father passed away it was up to her to settle his affairs. She fully intended to arrange his funeral, sell everything, and then leave town – after, of course, she got a good look at what was in the bedroom her father forbid her to enter.


                       LOVE AND SUSPICION

Tiffany Clark soon discovered that driving across the US was more expensive than she expected. Worse still, she only made it to Iowa before her car broke down. Nearly out of money, she hoped to find a temporary job, get her car fixed, and then move on – that is until a chance encounter with a man who had not spoken in eighteen years tempted her to stay.
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