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Marti Talbott is the author of over 50 clean historical romance and mystery novels suitable for ages 16 and above. Amazon Author page Books-2-Read Author Bio Amazon Apple Kobo Google Play Nook Paperbacks also available at: Target BooksaMillion Walmart

McShane's Bride (The Dotsero Train Wreck)

Based on an actual event.

In 1908 and sight unseen, Iowa born Ethan McShane gave half of his life savings to buy land near the small town of Palisade, Colorado. Eager to see the land, he caught the next train out. However, with no assurance of a proper home for her, he left his bride of just a few short days behind. Less than a month later, she too excitedly boarded a train bound for Colorado - a train that would never reach its destination.

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1393834748

Seattle Quake 9.2

Marti's bestselling novel! -- SEATTLE QUAKE 9.2

Learn more about this four book Jackie Harland Mystery Series. Who is Jackie Harlan? Her agency specializes in finding missing people, yet the one person she can't find is her own son, Brian, who disappeared at the age of two. Read more about this four book series here.

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Just Released!

DANNY: A Novel

Did Kristy really shoot a cab driver, and why does Laura have a portrait of Danny, Gail’s high school boyfriend, on her living room wall? Three friends meet again after being out of touch for nearly sixty years, and the truth about Danny's death finally comes out. (A Later in life story.)

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The Swindler

THE SWINDLER (A MacGreagor Romance)

The Klondike Gold Rush was over but men kept coming, rich men looking for investments in America’s west coast boom towns. Some men were easy targets. Some were a little more suspicious, but even a suspicious man can fall in love, especially with a beautiful young woman who knows just how to hook him. A stand-alone book.

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The Viking begins an eight books series that includes the first MacGreagor to set foot in Scotland, how he and his generations became a Scottish clan, and how they survived through hardship, love and loyalty. The first book is FREE and has over 1600 ratings/reviews on Amazon with a 4.2 average!

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This fourteen book series continues the story of the MacGreagor Generations, their trials, tribulations, and their hopes of finding true love amid wars, kings, feasts and famines.

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(The Scandalous Duchess Series)

From the Highlands, the MacGreagors followed their laird to 1900's America. Find out how much trouble a scandalous duchess can cause in Marblestone Mansion's 10 book series. (All are clean books)

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Long forgotten and found under a burned castle, The Lost MacGreagor books contain still more stories of the clan's Highlander history together with the Colorado years. Will the duchess reemerge, or will she stay away.

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Under duress to determine who should run their inherited corporation, the Wheeler Triples devise a contest to determine the winner. What could go wrong? Just about everything!

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Letters found in the dead letter office appear to be a woman's cry for help, but with little to go on, can the sender be found?

Each of these mysteries are stand-alone books and are clean, suitable for ages 16 and above.

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After migrating from the United Kingdom to America in the 1700s, the Carson family must decide which side they are on, when their son is drafted on the American side of the Revolutionary War. Two book series.

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People with no connection to the sender, receives a check for a million dollars in the mail. What's the catch?

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My grandfather, Lloyd McClurg was a member of his Scottish Clan in Iowa...until he got kicked out for marrying my grandmother against his father's wishes. I remember him as a gentle giant, filled with love and warmth, yet strength and wisdom. The Marblestone Mansion Series contains details they wrote in their memory book.

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This book is Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

This is a work of fiction based on a true story – my story. That is not to say that everything in it is true, but that what I heard from other people served to influence the decisions I made. The conversation between Sam and Mattie is fiction and meant only as a storytelling tool. Amazon Apple Nook Kobo Google Play

A Jackie Harlan Mystery ---Three people working for the same foundation, mysteriously disappeared from different locations on the same day. More than twenty years later, the case remained unsolved, and now there was a fourth person missing. Episode 1 Episode 2

Indie Publishing: It's your Book!

Writing a manuscript is hard work! Figuring out how to sell it is even harder.

In this no fluff, 2021 eBook, the author of over 50 Indie Published novels shares her eleven years of experience in the industry. Written with beginning novelists in mind, learn how she starts a new book, creates a blurb that sells, and chooses the best cover art. Included are tips on how to avoid writer scams, the uploading process, setting the price, best marketing practices with tricks and examples not found anywhere else. Just $.99!