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Marti Talbott is the author of over 50 clean historical romance and mystery novels, suitable for ages 16 and above. Some of her first-in-a-series novels are FREE, while others are often discounted. To easily see prices, visit her Amazon Author page or find more places to buy, or read free, at Books-2-Read.

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Seattle Quake 9.2

Marti's bestselling novel!


They knew it could happen - scientists had been warning them for years. Yet, thousands were driving on freeways, shopping in malls, awaiting flights, working in downtown high-rises, and on buses in the bus tunnel.

They knew -- they just didn't believe it could happen to them.

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Did Kristy really shoot a cab driver, and why does Laura have a portrait of Danny, Gail’s high school love on her living room wall? Three friends meet again after being out of touch for nearly sixty years, and the truth about Danny finally comes out.

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McShane's Bride (The Dotsero Train Wreck)

McShane's Bride (The Dotsero Train Wreck)

Based on an actual event.

In 1908 and sight unseen, Iowa born Ethan McShane gave half of his life savings to buy land near the small town of Palisade, Colorado. Eager to see the land, he caught the next train out. However, with no assurance of a proper home for her, he left his bride of just a few short days behind. Less than a month later, she too excitedly boarded a train bound for Colorado - a train that would never reach its destination.

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The Swindler

THE SWINDLER (A MacGreagor Romance)

The Klondike Gold Rush was over but men kept coming, rich men looking for investments in America’s west coast boom towns. Some men were easy targets. Some were a little more suspicious, but even a suspicious man can fall in love, especially with a beautiful young woman who knows just how to hook him.

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The generations of Clan MacGreagor begins with The Viking

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The Viking

Forced to leave their home in the north to avoid people who had good reason to hate Vikings, the MacGreagors hid in the Highlands. There are 14 books in the Highlander Series.

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Highlander Series Book 1

From the Highlands, the MacGreagors followed their laird to 1900s America. Find out how much trouble a scandalous duchess can cause in Marblestone Mansion's 10 book series.

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Marblestone Mansion Book 1

Long forgotten and found under a burned castle, The Lost MacGreagor books contain still more stories of the clan's Highlander days. The stories are intertwined with a continuation of the Marblestone family saga. Amazon Apple, Kobo Google Play Nook

Lost MacGreagor Books 1

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The Dead Letters

The Locked Room

Love and Suspicion

The Kinds of the Seven Bells

Jackie Harlan Mysteries

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More Books

The Carson Series and Pay to the Order of two book series

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