All of the books in this series are suitable for ages 16 and up.

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Marti Talbott's Highlander Series

This fourteen book series follows The Viking Series. Each book centers on one young women and her search for happiness.

Book 1 is free -

He agreed to marry her sight unseen, but before he could, someone hurt her. Why?.



Book 2 -

After his son broke the MacGreagor edit, could the clan hide the crime from their laird?


Book 3 - Illness and war threatens to wipe out the MacGreagor Clan.


Book 4 -

A language barrier causes big problems.



Book 5 -

Then came five talented sisters, with troubles of their own.



Book 6 -

Against her will, Deora Medwin was betrothed to a dis-gusting man. Soon, Deora saw only one option -- RUN!

Book 7 -

It was to Essen MacKinnon that the old man told the secret of the golden sword, but knowing it truly existed was one thing -- finding it was something else again.

Book 8 -

Paisley was a rare blue-eyed beauty with hair that turned snowy white. Once rumors spread of her beauty, men came from miles around just to see her.

Book 9 -

Neasan came home an angry man, bent on revenge for being sent away. When the clan had to choose a new laird, Neasan intended to make them choose him.

Book 10 -

Three times the handsome young men meant three times the fun and three times the trouble. Which one would marry out of pity for a desperate woman?

Book 11 -

In the world where gossip was the favorite form of entertainment, it was not always easy to keep a secret.

Book 12 -

What they feared most, was a war with England – that is, until it looked like a clan war might erupt be-tween the Grahams and the Swintons.

Book 13 -

It is said that a father loves his daughter beyond measure, so when Glenessa, the much desired daughter of Laird Swinton, died at the hands of a Kennedy, war was certain to come.

Book 14 -

Terrified and out of breath, fifteen-year-old Isobell ran from her attackers to the top of a high cliff. All her life, she'd been warned not to go to the other side of the river, but what choice did she have?

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