MT Romance Series

These are stand-alone, clean books suitable for ages 16 and above.

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The last thing Colette Bouchard wanted was to go back to the small town that hated her almost as much as she hated it. Yet when her father passed away it was up to her to settle his affairs.

When Tiffany Clark’s car broke down and she was forced to walk to a nearly deserted town, the only person she found was an old man who had not spoken to anyone in years.

In the Atlanta dead-letter office, a series of odd letters began to arrive. The envelopes were add-ressed to “sister” with no address or return address. The letters were signed - Princess. Could anyone find her?

A Young adult Fantasy -

There was a time when the Carbollo and the Mobbox children played together in the grasslands. Yet, when the Carbollo grew suspicious of the Mobbox, the adults no longer allowed it.