The book in this series are clean despite the word "scandalous."


(The Scandalous Duchess Series)

Excerpt - Once a prominent duchess in London high society, Alexandra Sinclair, a.k.a. Olivia MacGreagor, found herself in a London house of detention.

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Marblestone Mansion book 1 is FREE

Book 1 is free -

She was the most beautiful woman Duke MacGreagor had ever seen. He loved her, he married her, and then he left Scotland and sailed to America.

Book 2 -

Jilted by a man who married another, McKenna fled to Colorado’s Marble-stone Mansion hoping to heal her broken heart.

Book 3 -

Cameron’s wife passed peacefully in her sleep, taking their unborn child with her. He was consumed with grief until he turned his attention to a child in need of a family.

Book 4 -

This time, the duchess had gotten herself into more trouble than ever before. Yet there was something she could do – an ace in the hole she’d forgotten about.

Book 5 -

Sooner or later, there is a price to pay for bigamy, and the Duchess was about to learn just how dangerous and expensive that price could be.

Book 6 -

Early one morning, Miss Patella Green was found dead in her bed. More than one in Colorado Springs thought a stranger had some-thing to do with her death, but was there any proof?

Book 7 -

Attracting a new husband in New York City proved more difficult than the duchess ex-pected, particularly since she was nearly broke, and without easy access to the wealthy.

Book 8 -

The ex-duchess of Glenartair had years to plan her escape and at last, she was free. What she needed was money, and she knew just where to get it.

Book 9 -

The tell-all book entitled, The Scan-dalous Affairs of Alexandra Sinclair, was destined to arrive in Colorado Springs any day, and this time it was the MacGreagor’s who had a plan.

Book 10 -

Alexandra Sinclair was dead, or so the world thought. The duchess, on the other hand, was very much alive and safely hidden away in Canada,