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Four book

Jackie Harlan Mystery Series

Who is Jackie Harlan? Her agency specializes in finding missing people, yet the one person she couldn’t find was her own son, Brian, who disappeared at the age of two.

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Book 1 -They knew it could happen - scientists had been warning them for years. Yet, nearly two million people went about their daily lives as usual.

Book 2 - Which one was she - the maid, the office worker, or the woman killed in and car accident? Will the detectives be able to figure this one out?

Book 3 - Mark Barrett thought having an affair was no big deal as long as his wife didn't find out. That was before he got arrested for the hit-style murder of a wealthy woman.

Book 4 - A deathbed phone call made Private Detective Jackie Harlan’s heart skip a beat. Was what the caller said the truth, or was it a sinister ploy to take her off the trail of an important case?