Under duress to determine who should run their inherited corporation, the Wheeler Triples devise a contest to determine the winner. (Three book Series)

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Ondrea, Yvette, & Adison

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Book 1 - Ondrea

After two years, feuding triplets, Ondrea, Adison, and Yvette, reunited to mourn the loss of their wealthy grandfather, game manufacturer, Justin Wheeler. His Last Will and Testament stipulated that in order to inherit his company, they had to agree to make one of them president, but how were quarreling sisters to agree? What were they supposed to do – play a game? Indeed, a game sounded like a good idea, and soon it became an elaborate game involving fie single and very handsome lawyers, a reporter, and an uninvited player with murder on his mind. Their game was about to become even more complicated when two of the three sisters fell in love with the same man.

Author's note: The first two books in this trilogy end with cliffhangers. All three novels have been published.

Book 2 - Yvette

The triplets kept the real reason for their game a secret, claiming the winner would win the much loved Grandfather clock. In truth, the stakes were much higher. Yet, in only three days, what they hoped would be a fun adventure got complicated and even dangerous. One of the triplets was convinced she was the first to lose, but could the sisters talk her out of it?

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Book 3 - Addison

Once more the Wheeler triplets game was in limbo. It now involved three beautiful young women, five single men, a flight crew, the press, and people around the country who figured out how to play the game with them. Yet, two of the sisters faced major problems, and at home in Pittsburgh, their increasingly annoyed butler had problems of his own.

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