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Follow the generations as first they were Vikings, and then they became Scots.

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At not quite fifteen, Stefan’s father let him board the long ship Sja Vinna to take part in his first Viking raid. Yet, the battle was not at all what he expected, and he soon found himself stranded in Scotland.
Book 2 - At fourteen, Catrina MacGreagor was left to care for her nine siblings, but it left her little time to consider a husband. It was just as well, for she had not yet seen a lad she truly favored. All that changed, in the form of seven brothers – all of them Vikings.
Book 3 - Her father was set to marry her off. Always before, she managed to waylay his wedding attempts, and when Laird Wallace MacGreagor came to buy spices from her clan, she fully intended to avoid it this time too.
Book 4 - At sixteen, Effie Chattan was careful to make only those promises she knew to be easily kept, but a foolish promise born of exasperation and stubbornness was about to become her undoing.
Book 5 - During a raid in Ireland that took her family, her home and all her food, a Viking let Shannon Carr live. At first, she didn't see it as a kindness, but the reason he let her live haunted her. More pressing still was her need for revenge, so she set out to find the Vikings in Scotland.
Book 6 - He called her Sassa, a divine beauty, and when she said she loved him in return, Laird MacGreagor counted himself the most fortunate of men. He was con-vinced he could protect her. Yet, in his determination to keep her safe, he neglected to safe-guard himself.
Book 7 - In the forest lived two sisters, the eldest of which was the most beautiful, yet the youngest wished her sister well. It was not until two brothers came to choose brides, that her devotion was put to the ultimate test.
Book 8 - It was for-bidden, but Bradana could not seem to help herself. The man of her dreams was a Lennox, and Laird Lennox forbid all unions between the two clans, believing that the MacGreagors were cursed.