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 An ancient MacGreagor edict held that the clan give sanctuary to any lass who believed herself in danger, when Grizel Allardice claimed her father meant to kill her, she too was granted safety. However, Grizel was not who she claimed to be. Instead, she was the spoiled and rebellious daughter of a much feared northern laird, who offered a very tempting reward to anyone who could find her and bring her home.

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At last, her father agreed to let debutante Blair MacGreagor sail to London to be presented to the King. She took a copy of a lost MacGreagor story with her, but finding time to read was not easy. Not only did she have to avoid being swept off her feet by a man eager to relieve her of her inheritance, her mother’s scandalous reputation quickly spread among the first-class passengers.

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Charles MacGreagor was hired to rebuild Glenartair Castle after it burned four years earlier. His men were hard working, supplies were coming in on time finally, and he was well satisfied with the progress. He was satisfied, that is, until the floor of the old castle gave up another of its secrets.

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The year was 1912, but rumors of a war in Europe was the last thing on her mind. Engaged and complete in love, Blair MacGreagor returned to America from the United Kingdom on the HMS Mauritania, but by the end of her first day on dry land, she became entangled in a war of her own.

In 1713, Scotland’s Rory MacGreagor happily signed an Indentured Servant Contract and set sail on a tall ship to America, but it may be a decision he would come to regret.

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