Marblestone Mansion Series 


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Be very careful who you marry.

The Duke of Glenartair wasn't careful enough and found himself plagued by a duchess who simply wouldn't go away. She was a beauty, he had to give her that, and many other men thought so too. Unfortunately, she only saw men as a means to gain wealth. Yet, the duchess wanted more; she wanted to remain just that - a duchess.
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Cameron MacGreagor’s wife, Flora, passed peacefully in her sleep, taking their unborn child with her. Consumed with grief, he didn’t think he would ever recover, but a child in need of a family changed all that. There was only one problem; she was the daughter of the last person the MacGreagors ever wanted to see again.


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 ------------------------------------------------   BOOK 6

Early one August morning, Miss Patella Green was found dead in her bed. The child she claimed Douglas Swinton fathered was yet unborn, and more than one in Colorado Springs thought he had something to do with her death. After all, just a few days before she publicly accused him, he married someone else.

Desperate to return to what she thought was her rightful place in London Society, the ex-Duchess of Glenartair was willing to do anything Lady Husher asked of her. It was a simple request and a task she could carry out with ease, but then, nothing in her life ever went as planned.
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    Book 9 

The tell-all book entitled, The Scandalous Affairs of Alexandra Sinclair, was destined to arrive in Colorado Springs any day, and this time it was the MacGreagor’s who had a plan. It was a simple, yet good plan – as long as it didn’t turn out to be a little too good.

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    BOOK 1

She was the most beautiful woman Duke Hannish MacGreagor had ever seen. He loved her, he married her, and then he left Scotland and bought an American silver mine. Fortune smiled down on him when he sold the mine, and became one of the richest men in Colorado. Certain she would be happy wherever he was, the duke built a mansion and sent for his wife. Yet, nothing could have prepared him for the disaster that was headed his way.
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 BOOK 4 

This time, the duchess had gotten herself into more trouble than ever before. Without friends or a husband to rely on, she found circumstances to be completely out of her control. Yet there was something she could do - an ace in the hole she'd nearly forgotten about. It was sure to work. Moreover, it might be a way to gain the fortune she needed to live out the rest of her life in luxury.

This time, nothing could go wrong.

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 Book 7

Attracting a new husband in New York City proved more difficult than the duchess expected, particularly since she was nearly broke, and did not have easy access to the wealthy. That was before she met Bernard Allen Hathaway. Indeed, he had the kind of money she coveted, yet there was something odd about him…something very odd indeed.

The MacGreagors looked forward to sharing the mansion and living in peace, but it was not to be. Just a few miles from Colorado Springs, the dark clouds of a violent union strike had begun to gather, and an unforeseen tragedy would change the course of their lives forever.


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 Book 10

Alexandra Sinclair was dead, or so most of the world thought. The duchess, on the other hand, was very much alive. Safely hidden away in Canada, she had all the time in the world to consider her next moves, one of which included a new way to seek her revenge for the way Hannish MacGreagor so cruelly set her aside. 

With her daughter now married and her son living in England, a bored Abigail Whitfield felt useless and lonely. Yet, she had something else on her mind too. There was a stranger in town, and she didn't like the looks of him one bit.

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  BOOK 2

Jilted by a man who professed to love her and then married another, McKenna MacGreagor fled to Colorado’s Marblestone Mansion hoping to heal her broken heart. Six months later, she still couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Once a prominent duchess in London high society, Alexandra Sinclair, a.k.a. Olivia MacGreagor, found herself in a London house of detention. She was charged with bigamy and theft, and faced five years in a dreadful prison. Could the solicitor her new love hired get the charges dropped, and if so, was she headed back to Colorado?
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Sooner or later, there is a price to pay for bigamy, and the Duchess was about to learn just how dangerous and expensive that price could be.

Spring brought the fulfillment of Hannish MacGreagor’s promise to take his family to Scotland, and no one was more thrilled than sisters, Leesil and Cathleen. Yet, on the voyage, they encountered a woman who would make their lives far more complicated – a woman who was happy to spread gossip, and who was determined to find out what became of the duchess.
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 Book 8 


The ex-duchess of Glenartair had years to plan her escape and her revenge, and at last, she was free. What she needed now was money, and she knew just where to get it. 

Filled with guilt and dread, Hannish fully expected his first wife to seek retribution. With only four days to prepare, he put the MacGreagor clansmen on alert and vowed to do everything he could to stop her. Unfortunately, his everything would not be enough. 


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