The Carson Series
Author's note: These books are based on my family history and begin in Scotland. 
It is a combination of stories from both my mother and my father's side, with a little literary licence thrown in.    
The story of John Carson is based on the testimony he gave in an effort to receive his share of bounty land after the American Revolution.

                                            THE PROMISE     

Ten-year-old Jonathan Rhodes and his constant companion, Colleen, lived in the days of tall ships, pirates and political upheaval between the Americans and the British. Through no fault of their own, the two were cruelly separated. Brokenhearted, Jonathan promised to find her after they were grown and twelve years later, he thought he had – but she did not remember him. 

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 By the time John Carson returned from fighting in the American Revolution, Hester, the woman he pledged to marry, discovered her first husband was still alive. So John set his heart on claiming a homestead west of the Appalachian Mountains. It was in the Kentucky Territory that the delightful Quaker Polly Lewis, captured his heart and to her he also gave his pledge. But when he returned to Virginia, Hester was back, truly widowed this time, and just as beautiful as he remembered. 

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                                  Will there be more books in this series?       I don't have any planned at this time, but who knows? 

                               Marti Talbott